Saturday, October 6, 2007


i lay languished in a world i knew nothing about
not daring to discover or move,
attempts were made to run
where i found my feet stuck
running and running in place
no way to get nowhere,
even death had no purpose here.
rumbling tumbling in anger and violence
only myself the victim targeted
only myself getting beaten, broken, bruised and sore,
only myself getting destroyed
every minute in every creative way.

recovering from a nightmare
seperating from a hell that devoured me
feeling calm i couldn't exist in
hell fought back against me
determined to not let peace overcome,
i cried for my loss
i cried in the unnatural feeling
i cried in the calm
not knowing who i was or what to do.
but peace overcame my evil
and learning began
learning of myself learning of the world around me,
experiencing new emotions
naming new feelings
it all began
it all ended.

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